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Bold Mortgage Group

Bold Mortgage Group believes every client is unique and we strive to provide a mortgage solution that is tailored to your financial goals. Whether its your first home, an investment property or the cottage you have been dreaming about we focus on finding the solution that will fit your goal. Our team consists of Brandon Woodward, Cathy Pimentel, Murshed Ali, Predrag Panic, Kyle Jevons, Jessica, Leone Frasca, Michel St. Pierre and Chloe Villers. Each individual possesses the knowledge and experience that will take away the worries of the mortgage process, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.


Our Team

Brandon Woodward

Mortgage Broker #M14000075

Looking for something more entrepreneurial, Brandon left his career at Scotiabank in 2014 after 7 years to become a Mortgage Agent, where instant success seemed to come naturally. Brandon’s experience allows him to navigate complex real estate transactions very quickly. His attention to detail, knowledge and professionalism takes the stress out of the transaction ensuring a smooth closing for all parties involved. Brandon is also an active R.E.I.N. member where he continues to pursue his passion for real estate investing, and share his experience with new investors” to “Brandon continues to pursue his passion for real estate investing, and share his experience with new investors and clients to help grow their wealth.

Cathy Pimentel

Mortgage Agent #M17000069

Cathy joined Bold Mortgage Group in August 2016 after leaving her 17-year career with Scotiabank where she most recently led one of the top mortgage teams in the country. Cathy has over 20 years of lending experience working with a diverse network of clients. Cathy enjoys the challenge of finding solutions for her clients, and prides herself on her exceptional customer service skills and calming nature to her clients.

Murshed Ali

Mortgage Agent #M18002603

Murshed joined Bold Mortgage Group in August of 2018 after 5 years of lending experience with Scotiabank. His banking knowledge allowed him to adapt quickly as a mortgage agent and he has become a key asset to the team. As an active real estate investor himself, Murshed brings a wealth of knowledge in a rapidly changing real estate market, allowing him to guide clients through each step of the real estate transaction.

Michel St. Pierre

Mortgage Agent #M19002450

Michel joined Bold Mortgage Group in November 2019 after leaving a 7 year career with Scotiabank. Over his career at Scotiabank, Michel developed a passion for real estate lending. Michel prides himself in his adaptability, knowledge, and customer focus. He brings over 4 years of lending experience to the team which allows him to deliver holistic solutions to our clients.

Predrag Panic

Mortgage Agent #M21004328

Predrag has been in the banking industry since 2010. With over a decade of experience he has developed not only a passion for real estate lending but extensive knowledge on the topic as well.⁠ His knowledge, adaptability, and passion to help clients with their real estate needs has been a key factor to his success as a mortgage agent.⁠

Kyle Jevons

Mortgage Agent #M1500022

Kyle joined Bold Mortgage Group in November 2021 after working along side the BMG team for the last several years. He brings with him 14 years of home financing experience. ⁠ Kyle is extremely dedicated and prides himself on his professional, honest advice and his exceptional level of customer service to his clients and partners. Kyle’s ultimate-goal is to provide his clients with a positive mortgage experience.⁠⁠

Jessica Leone Frasca

Mortgage Agent #M13002203

Jessica started her career with Scotiabank in 2009 where she developed a wealth of knowledge not only with mortgage financing but with investments and retirement planning as well. ⁠Jessica became an independent mortgage agent in 2013 and can now offer a variety of different mortgage solutions with multiple different lenders. ⁠She strives to find the best possible solution for her clients individual needs while at the same time providing excellent customer experience. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial mortgage financing and regardless of your financial situation, Jessica can offer flexible options and help you achieve your goals.⁠

Gail Oddi

Administrative Assistant

Gail is an Administrative Assistant with the Bold Mortgage Group Team, she has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry working with a number of major banks.

Chloe Villers

Marketing and Administrative Coordinator

Chloe is a Marketing and Administrative Coordinator with the Bold Mortgage Group Team, she is a Brock University Alumna with a degree in Marketing. She has experience working in various marketing roles where she prides herself in her creative and forward-thinking.